Joan, Stepmom, Scottsdale AZ

Judy helped me to feel empowered.

Sometimes I get very sad and frustrated about my grown stepdaughter’s refusal to relate to me, and I start to feel like a victim. Judy helped me to feel empowered, and to recognize that my choice to disengage is a powerful choice, which actually reflects my caring both for her and for my husband. Now my focus is on learning from the situation, and I feel much more in control.

About Judy G

Judy helps step parents to feel like an intricate member of their stepfamily so they can have more relaxation time and a deeper connection to their partner and step children. After her personal experience as a childless stepmom ended in separation, she became a Certified Stepfamily Coach so she could help others who are in love stay together. Judy's clients praise her for impartiality, being a good listener, and helping them achieve peace of mind. Check out her articles and interviews across the web.