Attn: Moms! Get Well-Behaved Kids Now

Figuring out how to crack the code on getting kids to listen and not talk back is enough to make you want to go crazy. Right?! What if you could turn your child/teens behavior around without having to invest thousands of … Continue reading

Could You Turn Into a Wicked StepMother?

If you had asked me this when I moved in with my boyfriend (now ex) who had children, I would’ve laughed. It would’ve seemed like a joke – a play on the many fairy tales we all heard as children. … Continue reading

Practical Strategies for Dealing with the Kids’ Mom

Below is the original post on my 1st blog site, which was published in Nov 2010. I’m re-posting it here, with a few edits in order to improve the flow and readability of it. One big difference is that I replaced “biomom” … Continue reading