What’s YOUR Plan for Making Your Stepfamily Work?

Starting a new year is a dynamic time for change. People start out with a bang trying to do things differently – better. Typically, by the end of January, their energy about the new habits dwindles. They feel bad about … Continue reading

Could You Turn Into a Wicked StepMother?

If you had asked me this when I moved in with my boyfriend (now ex) who had children, I would’ve laughed. It would’ve seemed like a joke – a play on the many fairy tales we all heard as children. … Continue reading

Why are my stepkids misbehaving?

There are many possible reasons children misbehave. This entry will look at one in particular. Plain and simple, they may be angry at life because their family divorced. They may not even be aware of it. Most kids have not developed … Continue reading

One Reason for a Failed Relationship

Lack of closure from the last relationship, AKA, incomplete grief, is one reason that relationships, particularly step couple relationships, don’t last. What is closure? It is emotional acceptance of being single again. True closure typically doesn’t include bitterness or resentment toward … Continue reading

Strengthen your relationship with your partner and your step kids with this one factor

It was fun to talk with Peggy Nolan on The Stepmom’s Toolbox Blogtalk Radio Show. After only a couple days, my interview was #3 out of 765 in its category. Peggy is also a stepmom, as are her co-hosts, Teresa Thompson … Continue reading