In April 2007 (when I became a Certified Stepfamily Coach),  75% of step parents reportedly were frustrated about a lack of resources and help. They can’t say that today!

So many are emerging, and quickly, that I can’t keep up. So, by no means think that this is an exhaustive list.

This page is my list that I refer to clients. I have personally reviewed, used, or have a professional relationship with all of these resources. I update it periodically. If you know of a good resource I should add, feel free to e-mail me with the information for me to review and add it here.

My Favorite Resources

Stepfamily and Co-Parenting

  1. StepMom Magazine: an on-line magazine. StepDads, there’s plenty in here for you too! Plus, much of what’s relevant for StepMoms is also relevant for StepDads. 
  2. StepMom’s Toolbox Radio Show on blogtalk: Weekly interviews with valuable information for every member of the stepfamily. Access archives of interviews dating back to 2010.
  3. National Stepfamily Resource Center:Statistics and a wealth of information and more resources. 
  4. Secrets to Stepfamily Success: book. Comprehensive manual on why stepfamilies are complex and what can be done to be successful. This is especially nice for therapists, coaches, or other professionals who are working with stepfamilies.
  5. ReMarriageWorks: website with many resources, especially for newly remarried couples with children. I especially like and advocate her Journal for StepMoms.
  6. BuckeyeBonusMom: resource page on her website with a LONG list of books. Check out her Facebook group for awesome stepmom support.
  7. StepMom Central: another awesome support group on Facebook for stepmoms!
  8. Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center. Something for everyone here. Resources and support, backed by her own research – and Boot camps if you’re in Riverside, CA area.
  9. No One’s the Bitch: website, blog, and book, and FB page promoting stepmoms and moms building a relationship.
  10. Co-Parenting 101: website, blog, podcasts, and a place to get advice from a mom and ex-husband who both remarried and co-parent as a foursome.
  11. National Stepfamily Day Foundation: Facebook page recognizing National Stepfamily Day, Sept 16, founded by this non-profit organization. Christy Tusing-Borgeld shares events, links, and other valuable information.
  12. Facebook is full of groups for each person in a stepfamily regardless of your position, perspective, or unique situation. Search and find the one that’s right for you. 🙂 ♥


Parenting Resources

Supplement to blended family resources

Once you understand how to be a stepfamily instead of trying to be a first family, you can incorporate new parenting techniques together

  1. Slow Parenting Teens: website talking about book of same title by Molly Wingate and Marti Woodward. You can buy the book here too.
  2. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families: book by Stephen R. Covey. You can also Google his blog, YouTube channel, and related material.
  3. Mommy Guilt: website featuring a couple chapters to book of same title by Julie Bort, Aviva Pflock, & Devra Renner. You can buy the book here too.
  4. Parenting Powers: website for Susan Epstein. Lots of advice, products, and services for even your toughest of parenting challenges.
  5. The Left Out Child: The Importance of Friendship: ebook and 1 hour recording of author / parent educator, Auntie Artichoke (Judy H. Wright). 100% money-back guarantee in 90-days.
  6. How to Get Your Kids to Help at Home: MP3. 60 min by Parent Educator, Auntie Artichoke (Judy H. Wright).


Legal Supplements

NOT meant to replace legal consultation, but to give you more knowledge and help
  1.  Win Your Child Custody Battle: instant download: 100% risk-free. On sale for limited time.
  2. American Parental Action League (APAL): Facebook group to give you support and help you find more resources. I highly recommend this for fathers who are fighting for equal rights or against Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

Other Places to Find Me

  1. My original blog, Sensible Steps on Blogger. Early articles and posts which I never imported here.
  2. Ezine Articles. My bio page with a list of articles I published.
  3. Examiner. Step Parenting Examiner in Phoenix. current articles