Attn: Moms! Get Well-Behaved Kids Now

Figuring out how to crack the code on getting kids to listen and not talk back is enough to make you want to go crazy. Right?!

What if you could turn your child/teens behavior around without having to invest thousands of dollars on books, programs, therapy, etc.?

What if you could implement 3 simple strategies that make your kids jaws drop and they return to those sweet gentle beings that they were when they were born?

My friend and Parenting Guru, Susan Epstein, has the best kept secret for getting kids to respect you and getting them to do everything they are supposed to do — without arguing, yelling or tantrums.  (You may have listened to her webinar that I suggested a few days back).

She wants you to know how to actually implement these powerful tools so that you can finally have peace and harmony at home. She’s created a program that I think you’re going to love.

Register here:

During her program, Mom Magic: 5 Step System to a Loving, Fun, & Harmonious Home, you’ll get her best secrets for creating the household you only dream about. (You know the one with the white picket fence.)

It’s just too good not to check it out (and her bonuses are off the charts!)

I want to make this an easy decision for you because I know the kind of impact it will make on your family once you’re in. Register for Susan’s program and you’ll also get 3 free stepfamily coaching sessions with me. You can claim them by sending me an email with the subject line, bonus with Susan Epstein.

Here’s what past clients have said about working with Susan:

“Hi Susan, thank you very much for working with us. You have changed our family dynamics completely, and we can’t thank you enough!
We started working with you because we felt that things were not working right for us, as a family. Our 9 year old twin girls were having difficulties focusing on their activities, and as a family, we spent a lot of time arguing and feeling unhappy. We spent a lot of time fighting and stressing over homework.
We worked together on establishing systems that work for our family, starting with the daily routine items such as breakfast, school lunches and dinners, going to bed, and working our way through more complex areas such as being positive, calm and patient with each other. Our kids learned personal responsibility and all of us learned how to change our bad habits and establish the new habits that work well for all of us and make us all happy.
When we spend time together as a family now, it does not involve fighting, raising voice or arguing. Instead, we have fun together as a family, we do things together and we enjoy spending time together. The kids are doing well in school academically and our homework became a breeze.
Thank you for everything that you have done for us!
Amelia  M.

“I have tried many things over the years to help him, including crisis counselors who came to the house regularly, but Susan’s approach has been the most successful.  For that alone, I hope Jesse will thank her one day.”

“With Susan’s guidance, I have made significant progress in developing a peaceful home life which I yearn for. I have a long way to go but at least my interactions with my children have become civil. I knew that I was making significant progress that day when my son said, “I want my old dad back!” Hopefully the wimp in me is gone.
– Rich

This program is so phenomenal that I’m attending it too. I’m always looking for new techniques that will help my clientele. I’ve spoken with many Parenting Coaches, and Susan is on the top of my list. She’s my go-to Parent Coach!

See you on the inside!

In harmony and balance,


P.S. Registration for Susan’s program won’t be open for long. Register now to ensure peace and harmony in your household:

P.P.S. Remember, you’ll get 3 free stepfamily coaching sessions with me, too, so you can implement her parenting techniques in the context of your unique stepfamily.

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