Marital problems in your Blended Family?

Step Parents: Find Your Voice and Parent on your Terms


  • Using proven techniques to incite your stepchildren to do what they’re asked without talking back or discovering a loophole to avoid doing it.
  • Tapping into the solution that triggers your husband to listen, reveal his feelings, and strategically master your family home environment.
  • Coming home after a log day of work and feeling relieved and grateful that you can just relax, knowing that the days of tense arguments and anxiety-ridden drives home are now a thing of the past.
  • Your feelings of pride and gratitude as your stepkids thank and hug you for helping them.
  • Receiving a heartfelt Mother’s Day card that your stepkids created on their own to show their love and appreciate for YOU – their stepmom.

All of it IS POSSIBLE once you fully understand the REAL REASON you’re struggling (it’s not what you think), and have the right tools at your disposal.

Yes, YOU CAN HAVE PEACE of mind ~ and peace of heart.

Here’s the thing…

There’s a reason your efforts to maintain a harmonious home has not worked. The good news is that it’s not your fault! Here’s why…


The Raw Truth


Stepcouples who mistakenly try to act like a first family trap themselves in a merry-go-round of excuses, struggles, and massive misunderstanding. Stepparents yearn to be a respected insider, and are heart-broken when they’re not accepted as an authority figure, which makes them helpless – powerless – in unearthing the hidden potential of their stepkids.

  • Stepfamilies operate differently than first families. Although some challenges may be the same, the same solutions won’t work in a stepfamily.
  • The tools you and your spouse use to communicate and resolve conflict often clash with each other and cause even more conflict in the long run.
  • Your friends’ and family’s advice likely won’t work, even if it worked for them, because you’re unique.
  • You lack an unbiased opinion of a qualified expert trained in the psychology of stepfamily dynamics.
  • Intense emotions can bring devastating results, and blind you to the real solutions just out of reach.



The Good News

Reading this page means that you’re on the right path to relief.

My name is Judy Graybill. After many years of studying the psychology of stepfamilies and applying what I’ve found, I know what works and what doesn’t. And talking with hundreds of stepmoms, stepdads, stepchildren, and divorced parents whose ex has remarried as well. My personal experience as an acting stepmom and my college degrees in Sociology and Psychology rounds out my skills.

As a Certified Stepfamily Coach, I also know that each stepfamily is unique, even within the commonalities that binds blended families. What works for 1 family won’t work for every family. That’s why I work with my clients to design a customized plan that fits their unique needs, and help them resolve their conflicts so they can enjoy peace and relaxation at home. Like the one stepdad I coached who went from hating his stepson to delighting in monthly outings with him.

It can happen for you too…

Take a look at these comments that people have said about me:

“Sometimes I get very sad and frustrated about my grown stepdaughter’s refusal to relate to me, and I start to feel like a victim. Judy helped me to feel empowered, and to recognize that my choice to disengage is a powerful choice, which actually reflects my caring both for her and for my husband. Now my focus is on learning from the situation, and I feel much more in control. Joan, Mom and Stepmom, Arizona


“If you’re looking for a relationship coach or you’re already considering working with Judy, then I seriously urge you to make the jump. Whether you feel like you’re in the perfect relationship or that you’re struggling, I have absolutely no doubt that Judy will provide massive value. She has an uncanny ability to provide insight and perspective that you’ve probably never experienced. Most importantly, though, she knows that you’re the only person who truly knows about your situation and uses powerful questions to draw out and use your own innate knowledge.” Daniel, boyfriend, Australia


“Judy provided very insightful counseling, offering both feedback and specific techniques. She was always professional, compassionate, and focused on the welfare of our family. Mary, Mom, California


“Judy is an excellent resource for those of us who are in blended families. She is a thoughtful and intelligent individual who communicates real world solutions to the everyday problems that we experience. Judy is honest and straightforward and provides down-to-earth advice and not theoretical solutions. I would definitely recommend Judy’s services.” Thomas, Stepdad, New Jersey


“I am very pleased by Judy Graybill’s approach to coaching. She gives practical solutions on how to improve communication between the step parent and the biological parent, as well as how to solve problems that may arise between the step parent and the step child. I definitely recommend her coaching service to any one who is blending a step family.” Rene, Stepdad, Florida



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